Trish Danieli Topless Bikini Girl 2

Trish Danieli is a hot model in the ranks. Not only does Trish have an amazing body and killer boobs she is also a blues singer… And she is really good!! With a soulful, powerful & passionate voice is most often compared to Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill & Amy Winehouse…

We don’t have any of her music her for you but we do have some crazy hot pics! Can you imagine this girl signing like Christina!

Trish-Danieli-Topless-Bikini-Girl-1 Trish-Danieli-Topless-Bikini-Girl-3 Trish-Danieli-Topless-Bikini-Girl-4 Trish-Danieli-Topless-Bikini-Girl-8 Trish-Danieli-Topless-Bikini-Girl-5 Trish-Danieli-Topless-Bikini-Girl-7 Trish-Danieli-Topless-Bikini-Girl-6 Bikini Girls Banner



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